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RamSpeed™ Graphics Pty Ltd trading as Extreme Car Wraps™ is based in Sydney’s North West and has works with clients across various industries and locations in the greater metropolitan and surrounding areas.
We are the industry’s leading vehicle wrap company offering a full suite of vehicle graphic and promotional media solutions utilising latest technology and highest industry standards. Our core competencies include vehicle graphic design, world renowned materials, high definition printing and most importantly expert installation.
RamSpeed Graphics became an early adopter in the concept of wrapping vehicles and creating lasting and meaningful visual impacts for your private or business vehicle signage and wrapping requirements. Today RamSpeed Graphics and our Extreme Car Wraps division continue to set high standards and push this type of outdoor advertising and business marketing to the next level.
RamSpeed Graphics offers external and internal prestige vehicle colour and texture changes, mobile signage, advertising and vehicle wrap solutions to many inspiring individuals and businesses; whether you’re promoting a small business, launching a new product or are seasoned businesses looking for new and creative ways to advertise and reach new customers.
In addition to individual or fleet vehicle design and wraps, RamSpeed Graphics can create a broad, multi vehicle and mobile advertising campaign; an approach which is increasingly being used by various advertising, promotion, marketing and public relations firms as well as large corporate branding departments as part of their outdoor marketing strategies.
RamSpeed Graphics has the experience and credibility to service all of your vehicle wrap and mobile advertising needs. RamSpeed Graphics can also design, print and install wraps for buildings, retail storefront windows, restaurants, walls (Custom Digital Wall Paper), billboards, transit, trains and subways.
We look forward to working with you on your next vehicle wrapping project!
Andrew Ochudzawa – Director
Team RamSpeed
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