As a matter of public perception, graphic designers today are expected to be able to design just about anything. The problem is, some don’t really know the first thing about designing for signs and more so, designing for vehicle wraps. Just as you would seek an advice of a specialist for your specific medical condition, so the need to consult an expert in vehicle signage and wraps.

As a niche industry, not all designers are familiar with three (3) dimensional designs. An experienced sign and graphics company will as a minimum invest in professional template software.

While the sales or marketing team will most likely work with you until the deposit is taken, we encourage you to also speak to our designer and implementation technicians on the floor. A good wrap design company are not just graphical artists, the listen and convert your company vision into viable graphic solutions. The design process helps us better understand the customers’ vehicle wrap and sign expectations.

At RamSpeed Graphics we work with our customers on multiple ideas and options. If a customer is considering a full car wrap, we can offer several partial wrap ideas to get the process moving.

There are various car wrap materials available on the market. However, only 2 or 3 are considered premium. Certain materials at a lower price tag may be considered if the wrap is to be temporary (less than 12 months) and little or no corves need to be covered. Choice of correct medium is an important part of the vehicle wrap design process.

Vehicle Graphic Wrap Design Tool

1. Vehicle Wrap Design Templates

The car templates available in modern vehicle wrapping facilities allow the choice of the year, make, and model for practically any vehicle. Our template library includes most specifics such as right sliding door, left swing door, etc. Everything is precisely laid and the scale and the measurements are very accurate. The vehicle wrapping template will also help to take the guess work out of knowing where and where not to lay text and other design elements.


2. Layout Design

Car wraps have to be seen, read and understood at varying speeds and distances so your message has to be big, bold, beautiful and easy to read. We avoid putting text around any major curves or body moulding. We consider and are conscious of where seams may fall, or where doors and windows will interrupt the graphics. We wouldn’t want a phone number or website (vital contact information) going over multiple windows due to the placement of the weather strips, which may cause losing parts of or entire letters and numbers.