RamSpeed Graphics & Our Unique 7 Step Car Wrapping Process

For the best, most optimal car wrapping job a special 7 step car wrapping process was developed and adopted within our business. Each stage is signed off by a responsible car wrapping team member within our business. Each step is meticulously checked and approved by a supervisor before the next process can begin.

Stage 1 – Vehicle Wrapping Suitability Assessment & Client Advisory

This stage is often the most ignored stage of all. Many car wrapping providers will simply follow the customers’ requirements to wrap the car in a chosen colour or design. Price is often the discussion point way before the underlying understanding of all of the requirements and potential issues to be aware of when choosing specific vinyl wrap or other substrates. A common mistake on extreme car wrapping jobs for car enthusiasts is to choose a matt colour on vehicle which may already have subtle dents and other paint imperfections. Matt wrap accentuates surface imperfections. There are a ways to minimise these imperfection impacts and with the correct material choice and application techniques a good result may be achieved. We make customers fully aware of all potential issues so your investment is made with full understanding and appreciation of issues requiring our attention.

Stage 2 – Car Surface Wash and Detail

Our physical car preparation starts with detailed wash of the car with specifically formulated cleaners gentle on the paint job, while removing not just the dirt, but layers of wax and other paint protection chemicals preventing vinyl adhesive achieving  perfectly clean bonding surface. Preparation of a car for a vinyl wrap is one of the most important physical steps in the entire car wrapping process. At this point we define job longevity and effectiveness. Not only is the car washed and cleared of any dirt and wax residue, the car is also carefully blocked with soapy water and special soft wax to remove any road grime and tiniest of speckles of road tar which could get trapped under the vinyl wrap leaving unsightly  finish. The entire washing, cleaning and blocking process takes in excess of 4 hours and involves areas typically forgotten in an average car wash or detailing. Each surface crevice, corner and edge requires careful preparation before the vinyl car wrap can be applied. We leave no opportunity for any foreign object or dirt particles to be trapped in areas about to be wrapped.


Stage 3 – Drying and Pre-Heating 

After the completion of pre-wrap washing and detailing, we generally leave the vehicle to dry off for up to 24 hours. During this time we apply heat lamps and guns into areas where moisture could be trapped leaving no possible way for the layer of vinyl to trap moisture underneath, exposing the car to possible corrosion or enabling the vinyl to lift prematurely in critical areas.


Stage 4 – Removal of Exterior Components

With the vehicle detailed, dried and heated to an operating temperature (vinyl has an ideal application temperature which is best controlled for optimal application), we removed all of the necessary components for a clean and best car wrapping job possible. Many inferior car wraps do not extend the vehicle preparation to this stage. On many modern vehicles like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini and many other vehicles we have worked on, the risk of removing front and rear lights, door handles, etc becomes too great to an average vehicle wrapping company. At RamSpeed Graphics we are fortunate to have in-house prestige car technicians and vehicle specialists who remove the required components for us cleanly, professionally and with at most care. Modern vehicles require systems resets and therefore specialist equipment to deal with resetting lights and other electronic components like door locks, etc. Being co-owned by Australia’s largest independent European vehicle tuning and maintenance business, our in-house technicians have access to all modern tools and skills needed to assist RamSpeed Graphics and Extreme Car Wraps in our vehicle preparations for the best vinyl car wrap possible. ( www.ramspeed.com.au and www.ramspeedautomotive.com.au ) Our approach allows not only to achieve ultimate, long-lasting wrap job (edges do not get lifted due to them being tucked deep under the lights and door trims), but also protects your expensive car duco from unskilled blade use during trimming process in and around areas which have not been removed from the vehicle. In some instances where removal of components is not required or wanted, our application technician will never use a blade on a car duco. At RamSpeed Graphics we utilise the most advanced cutting methods for vinyl applications on wrapped cars. Below demonstrates special cutting wire inserted under the wrap, allowing for detailed and clean cuts of vinyl in not only easily accessible areas (typically cut with a blade), but also in areas where the curves, depth or intricate edging is required for a clean and factory looking vinyl edge on all of our car wrapping jobs.

Stage 5 – Deeper Edge Preparation of Removed Componentry

Once all of the componentry has been removed (where required) we faroughly clean the areas which have now been exposed from underneath the light seals, door handles and so on. These areas typically accumulate a lot of dirt and other particles and cannot just be wrapped over. In addition, many minute dust and sand particles which do fall out of these areas can be attracted to an extremely static vinyl roll as it is unwined in and around the area. All wrapping surfaces and areas in and around the car must be totally free of dust and grime.

Stage 6 – Vinyl Wrap Application

With the appropriate car wrap chosen, vehicle clean and all areas professionally prepared for wrapping, we now focus on professional car wrap application. Typically we utilise two skilled technicians on each and every small to medium sized job. Techicians work together to apply winyl according to manufacturer’s specifications. Temperature and humidity is watched for optimum results. We utilise laser temperature controls (gun triggered surface temperature sensors) to ensure the bonding and the adhesive is bonded at exactly the required temperature by the specific vinyl manufacturer. All technician wear special gloves to ensure no marks are made on the chosen vinyl, we also skilfully utilise specialist tools to ensure vinyl adhesion to the tiniest of corners and gaps. Where appropriate and on most jobs we do no join materials. Entire vehicle sides have been wrapped with a single piece of vinyl without cuts and joints. Where possible, we carefully stretch the material to ensure even, wrinkle free vinyl wrap application on all vehicle surfaces. Special attention is paid to tight radius corners and edges. Our aim is to ensure that on a close inspection, your vinyl resembles a paint job as much as only possible.

Stage 7 – Surface Care

Once your car wrap installation is complete, we advise you on the care required for a long lasting finish. You will receive a comprehensive care guide and a professional starter pack for your vinyl maintenance. Vinyl and car wrap maintenance is not hard. The best way is to start and wash your vehicle is by hand with a soft, non-abrasive cloth using a mild (solvent and alcohol free) cleaner and, after a complete rinse, let the vehicle air dry. Stubborn contaminants that remain can be safely removed with mineral spirits. The next best method also involves commercial ‘waterless’ car wash, but once again, skipping the heated drying process. You need to be aware that some car washes may use excessive pressure in their sprays.

During the life of the graphics, you may experience some minor lifting of the vinyl in certain small areas due to high pressure water blasting or other. These minor lifts can easily be fixed by applying s 3M Primer 94 (available by calling us) and carefully pressing vinyl back into place. Of course, we are always more than happy to address any maintenance issues for you.

Optimal car wrapping application depends on the following critical factors:

  • Perfect wrapping surface preparation (special attention paid to in and around the tight edges)
  • Removal of components where gap to wrap around is too shallow or too tight.
  • Clean wrapping environment (no dust, dirt etc on floors, equipment, etc)
  • Temperature controlled application (we use laser temperature sensors to ensure appropriate bonding temperature)
  • Skilled technicians, passionate about the detail on each and every job

Our car wrapping process is same for each and every job. Materials and techniques vary depending on customers’ requirements. Our car wrapping business treats each and every job with special care and attention for car enthusiasts, small business or corporate clientele alike.